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Doc Martens Men's Boots & Shoes

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Dr. Martens 1460 Greasy 8-Eye Boot


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Doc Martens Men's Boots and Shoes

From the modest workboot to the cultural fashion statement they are today, Dr. Martens men’s shoes tread the line between utilitarian comfort and brazen, anti-establishment style.

The classic boots are Fierce and subversive symbols of self-expression. The smooth leather boot has always been the footwear of choice for free-thinking men—from multicultural packs of ska-loving Brits to rock stars looking to express their working-class roots. At every turn in their long history, Doc Martens’ men’s boots have served as proud emblems of the subcultural style—lodged in the beating heart of social upheaval, kicking down the door of the status quo, representing at once the voice of the nonconformist and the power of community. Whether glam, punk, grunge, or goth, these casual boots belong to every decade and era, every tribe, and every man. So long as that man is walking his own path, pairing the simple silhouette of his Doc Martens boots with his unique signature fashion style.

But these classic boots are rooted in pure innovation.

The smooth leather boot was First created by Dr. Klaus Martens in 1945 Munich, these eponymous statement boots were originally intended to provide Martens with the support he needed to heal his broken foot. Where traditional hard leather shoes fell short, his inventive creations surpassed expectations. The casual shoe’s iconic “bouncing sole” was born—made buoyant by air and possible by ingenuity.

Through a partnership with the industrious Griggs company out of the United Kingdom, Martens’ vision of a durable, supportive black boot came to life and empowered the working masses (but not without the iconic addition of that classic yellow welt stitch).

Dr. Martens boots, men’s shoes, and Oxfords of today have every bit of the durability, longevity, and comfort that made them legendary workwear. Between the classic industrial lace-up styles.

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