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Women's Slip Resistant Shoes

Whether you’re working in a restaurant or a hotel, slippery floors can throw your tread off balance. A single fall can bruise more than your ego. You could incur a very serious back or head injury that could interfere with your work as well as your favorite outdoor hobbies for weeks.

Your best friend when it comes to avoiding slips and falls? Slip-resistant shoes for women.

Boot World’s slip-resistant footwear is curated with your safety in mind. All of these women's safety shoes have high-quality, slip-resistant soles, tested for their performance on wet and slippery surfaces.

And while you might associate slip resistance with chunky rubber shoes that contribute to foot fatigue, we’ve curated a wide variety of non-slip shoe styles so that you don’t have to sacrifice style for security.

Our selection enables you to choose a slip-resistant work and comfortable work shoe with traction that helps you feel stable and secure on your feet and in your outfit.

The Right Slip Resistant Shoe For You

Wherever you’re headed, you want to make sure your slip-resistant work shoes provide the style, genuine grip, tract, and maximum comfort that’s right for the setting. That's why Boot World offers the following styles for women’s slip-resistant work shoes:

  • Boots – Trusted brands like Doc Martens work boots, Keen, Lafrost, Genuine Grip, Klogs and Timberland make slip-resistant boots with leather that thrive in all-terrain, whether on the job or on the trail. Look out for safety shoe features like steel and composite toes for added protection and durability.

  • Slip-ons – Slip-ons can be a comfortable shoe option for those on their feet all day. Beyond that, many offer additional safety features like reinforced toes. Whether you’re looking for an athletic shoe, sneaker, or semi-formal flats, we have the shoe for you.

  • Clogs – Clogs are a classic and casual shoe choice for everywhere from the kitchen to the pottery studio.

  • OxfordsWomen’s Oxford work shoes are a time-tested favorite for working women everywhere who want to balance safety and fashion.

  • Heels – If you need to wear heels for your job, you don’t have to sacrifice safety in your tread. Choose a slip-resistant heel for style and maximum comfort.

Although shoe preference is a very personal choice, certain types of slip-resistant women’s work shoes are better suited or required for certain industries.

Industries That Require Slip-Resistant Work Shoes For Women

Many job industries may require you to wear a slip-resistant work shoe for their safety in the workplace. Here are some examples:

  • Food Industry - Waitresses, restaurant staff, and all kitchen workers need to wear a slip-resistant work shoe to avoid accidents. Floors may be slippery and smothered with greasy substances that can easily cause accidents and falls. which are to be prevented for the workers’ safety and

  • Residential/ Commercial House Cleaning - Any housekeeping or cleaning position has a slip or fall risk as workers will be moving about in environments that often have slick floors. It is best in this profession to show up to work with shoes with a proper slip-resistant sole for cleaning to minimize the risk of injuries.

  • Factory/ Processing Industry - Not only is it important to wear closed-toe shoes, slip-resistant shoes are ideal for a worker’s safety in a factory or enclosed building with big machines, exposure to sharp objects, electrical wires, etc.

  • Medical Field - Working at a hospital, at a lab, or with patients can be restless as you are on your feet most of the time. Slip-resistant shoes are perfect for medical workers who are constantly moving to take care of patients.

Why Choose Boot World

It’s important to feel confident in yourself, whether you’re on your feet all day at work or you’re having an adventure on your day off. Boot World stocks a range of slip-resistant shoes for women, as well as women's non-slip restaurant shoes to keep you safe and stylish no matter where you’re headed.

Our selection of slip-resistant boots, flats, sneakers, and heels makes it easy to find shoes that look as great as they feel.

Choose your footwear from amongst the most trusted names in the industry, and take advantage of our fast online shipping. That way, you can feel secure in your shoes and in your skin wherever the day takes you.

A Final Boot World Advantage Tip: In today’s world, there are no shoes that are entirely slip-resistant. Instead of searching for the most slip-resistant shoe possible, the trick to remaining on your feet is working in an environment that is frequently cleaned of contaminants that could lead to accidents, like water and oil. Other forms of debris like small rocks, glass, and loose food can become lodged in your work shoes increasing the likelihood of an accident occurring and turning even the most slip-resistant shoe into a slip-and-slide.

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