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Nov 17, 2021 /

Are You Supposed to Wear UGGs With Socks?

The cold weather is coming, and it’s time to make sure you have the perfect winter boots, like the UGG Mini Bailey Button, to get your feet safely through the season. 

And so arises the age-old question, to sock or not to sock with Uggs

Either option is okay when wearing UGG boots, and you should choose whichever makes you more comfortable. That said, switching back and forth may actually misshape your Uggs boots—so you’ll want to stay consistent with your choice when wearing your winter boots. 

Here’s everything you need to know about wearing socks with Uggs.

Worthy Considerations on the Sock or No Sock Debate

UGG footwear is an incredible investment, they’re strong and durable, and you want to make sure you take care of them in the right way so that you end up getting the longest-lasting life you can out of them. 

Let’s go through the benefits of both wearing socks and not wearing socks with your Ugg slippers or boots so you can make the best decision for yourself and your Classic Uggs.

Wearing Socks With Uggs

Some Ugg footwear is washable; some are not. For instance, the Ugg Classics are washable, so keep this in mind when deciding whether or not to wear socks with your Uggs.

Here are a few of the benefits you will notice if you wear socks with these sheepskin boots:

  • Cleanliness – Wearing socks with your Uggs is a good way to cut down on how often you will end up washing your Uggs. So you don’t have to keep googling how to clean UGG boots.

  • Warmth – Socks can provide an extra layer of warmth, the boots will be doing most of that work, but it can be nice to add a little warmth buffer inside your boot as well.

  • Style – Let’s be honest, one of the best parts of wearing Ugg boots is how cute they look. Of course, at their core, they are functional and extremely warm, but they’re also incredibly good-looking. Wearing fun socks that poke out of the top can only add to your cozy winter look.

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Going Sockless With Uggs

Maybe you enjoy the feel of your shoe up against your foot and don’t love shoving an extra layer in there. You’re in luck. Many Ugg experts highly recommend not wearing socks with your Uggs as the “cozy fit” that’s associated with Uggs is due to how it shapes to your foot. If it shapes to your foot and sock, it may always be a bit loose. 

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll notice if you don’t wear socks with Uggs:

  • Temperature regulating Sheepskin has an active fiber in it that can regulate your skin’s temperature. Meaning it will make your feet warm when they are cold but won’t let them overheat. Sheepskin also absorbs water, keeping your feet dry. 

  • Space – Wondering if ugg boots run big or small? Wearing no socks will free up some space in your boot. If your boot was feeling a tiny bit too snug for your comfort and you wanted that little bit of extra breathing room, go sockless.

  • Smooth – Sheepskin has something called ‘lanolin oil’ on it. When this comes in direct contact with your foot, it can have a soothing effect on your feet. The sheepskin rubbing against your feet every step you take, kind of like getting a foot rub the entire day.

  • Less laundry – Not wearing socks means fewer socks to wash. This may seem small and simple but boot socks are typically larger than your everyday run-around sneaker socks, so without them, they might just lessen that laundry load.

Whichever way you decide—socks or no socks—it’s a good idea to be consistent with your choice. Your boots will end up molding in a certain way, and not being consistent with your sock choice can make the mold a little funky and misshapen over time. Of course, once in a while, if you go sockless, it’s not a big deal but try to be generally consistent.

What Socks To Wear With Uggs

If you’ve decided to wear socks with your Uggs, now you’ll want to decide what type of socks to wear. Do you opt for really thick wool socks, or do you just need a small athletic sock? 

Here are a few things to help you decide which sock direction to go in:

  • Weather – Are you going to be wearing these boots in very cold weather, or are they more for style? If it’s for style, go for a thinner sock. If it’s for warmth, go with a thicker sock.

  • Model – Depending on the model of boot you choose , you’ll want to adjust your sock choice. If you choose a boot like the Classic Ugg or the ugg coquette slipper , which already provides a lot of warmth with the sheepskin, you won’t need a very thick sock. 

Similar to deciding on whether or not to wear socks, when deciding what type of socks to wear, be consistent. If you typically wear very thick socks with your boots and then move to wearing very thin socks, it may mess up the mold of the boot a bit. 

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