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Best Insoles For Work Boots

If you’re someone who spends all day in your work boots, then you’re likely no stranger to foot fatigue, knee pain, and/or back strain. Whether you’re outside on a job site, working indoors, or splitting your time between the two, a comfortable insole can make or break your day. 

Perhaps the insoles of your boots have run their course after a long time of serving valiantly on the job site, or maybe the insoles that came standard with your boots just weren’t up to snuff from the beginning. 

Whatever your reasoning for wanting/needing new insoles, Boot World has plenty of options to keep your feet comfortable and supported. With Boot World’s best insoles for standing all day, you can easily swap out and slip in your new insoles in just a few minutes, making the process of finding your footing again a total breeze. Finding the right insole for your work boots doesn’t need to be a difficult endeavor, especially when you have a guide to the four best insoles for work boots right here!

Before we get into our top four best insoles for work boots, we’re going to run through some frequently asked questions about what insoles are and how they relate to work boots. We recommend reading through these questions as they may help you decide which insole is best for you! However, if you already know what kind of shoe insole you need, or have a brand preference, feel free to skip to the list.   

Why Do I Need An Aftermarket Insole? 

There are many reasons to have an insole in your work boots, but none is more important than comfort! Why suffer through a day on the job when you can properly care for and support your feet with an addition as easy as an insole? Insoles are designed to be easily added to any men’s shoe or boot without any effort or aggravation on your part. For the most part, it’s as simple as removing the old insole and putting the new one in! Plus, without the proper insole, your foot is more likely to suffer a long-term foot problem like foot fatigue, heel pain, and even potential injury. The best reason to get a replacement insole may be comfort, but protecting your feet from harm is a close second!

Shouldn’t My Boots Have Built-In Support?

Typically the insole that comes standard in a work boot offers a standard  amount of arch support. Often the insoles that come standard in work boots are made to fit a wide spectrum of needs, ensuring that the maximum number of people will reap the maximum possible benefits. While this is a great way to ensure that work boots offer supportive comfort straight out of the box, it is a bit of a double-edged sword. Typically the materials used to offer maximum immediate comfort are the same materials that wear slightly faster than the materials used for aftermarket insoles and don’t offer the support needed for long days on your feet.  . 

Don’t hear what we’re not saying, for the most part, the insole that comes standard in your work boot is  adequate if fitted properly to offer some support the foot arch. However, depending on the job you do, the hours you spend on your feet, and even how much walking you do daily can play a role in determining if you need additional support. 

Can Aftermarket Insoles Replace My Worn Out Insoles?

Insoles aren’t just for those who need extra support, they can also extend the life of your work boots! Many well made work boots, like CAT boots and others sold at Boot World, feature only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. As a result, it is not uncommon for the insoles of your workboots to wear out before the exterior of your boot is too worn to wear. In other words, it is far more likely that the exterior of your boots will hold up longer than the insole. Don’t fret though, this is precisely why finding a good insole for your work boots is a great option. 

Instead of buying a whole new pair of boots, you can simply replace the old insoles with a new set to keep your reliable work boots feeling great on your feet.  This is not to say that the insole of your boot won’t last a long time, it will! We are simply offering an alternative to buying a whole new pair of boots when the insole inevitably becomes too thin to offer your foot the support it needs.

Do Insoles Wear Out?

Typically the insole of your work boot flattens out and becomes thin over time. Being that work boots are often exposed to harsh working environments wherein you have to be on your feet most of the day, the long-term pressure flattens out the insole over time. Activities like heavy lifting, stomping or kicking, and even operating machinery with your feet can flatten out the insole quicker than if you are just standing or walking normally. Basically any activity that increases the pressure of your foot on the insole itself will cause it to wear down quicker. This can happen quickly if you are performing activities  

How To Choose The Correct Insole

Choosing the correct insole for your foot is largely dependent on two major factors:

1) What kind of shoe is the insole going into? 

The shoe styles that the insole will be used in is an important part of determining what kind of insole you need. Your foot type and the style of men’s shoe you need a comfort insole for will help you decide important factors like how much extra cushioning you need, the proper amount of arch support, and even size (depending on if your boots fit big or small). 

2) What are you looking for from your insole?  

This may be the most pivotal question in terms of deciding between brands, styles, and shapes of insoles. If you’re just looking for a little bit of added comfort for daily wear, then a simple memory foam insert will do nicely. However, if you have been struggling with things like back pain, foot cramps, heel pain, or achy joints, then you may need a full blown orthotic insole. There are even insoles that help keep your feet warm and dry if you are working outdoors in the winter time! To properly decide which type of insole is best for your work boots, you must first decide what task(s) you role you want the removable insole itself to take on. 

The Best Insole For Warmth 

The UGG Sheepskin insole is perfect for cold, wet days on an outdoor jobsite, or perfect for the indoor workman who just wants a little more cushion under his foot. This dual-density foam insole features a contoured footbed and the plush signature sheepskin comfort of UGG. With this luxury insole from UGG, you can turn even your most rugged safety toe boot into a luxuriously comfortable UGG style insole. You may look tough on the outside, but no one ever has to know you're all warm and fuzzy inside those rugged boots.

The Best Insole For Those In Need Of Orthotics

Orthotics are  great for those who require an isole with maximum arch support. Specifically, the Aetrex Neutral Memory Foam Orthotic does a phenomenal job of adding additional arch support to your work boot. 

A long day on the job site in an older boot can lead to excess pressure on your foot’s arch. Over time this can actually lead to your arch flattening, which can lead to other issues. Don’t let your foot care fall flat, grab a premium orthotic like this one from Aetrex and keep your foot safe and supported!

The Best Insole For Shock Absorption

The Superfeet synergizer green insole is a wildly popular choice for those who need a supportive insole for their work boot. This highly rated insole doesn’t just offer premium support, it also provides great lateral stability to help your work shoes or even your running shoe from stretching out of shape and offering great stabilization of the arch which means less foot, leg and back pain.. 

This long-lasting, washable insole keeps your foot centered so your boot and the sole can wear longer, while properly positioning your body to reduce strain in the back, legs, hips, feet, and shoulders. If you need a moisture wicking insole that prevents muscle fatigue and helps you to leave the job site feeling like you didn’t just work a double, try this moisture wicking comfortable work insoles. Plus, if you don’t like them, Boot World will take them back!

The Best Insole For Daily Wear 

Most people just need a little extra comfort from their boot insole, which is why the Avenger Memory Foam Insoles are our choice for a great daily wear insole. Perfect for adding a soft and supportive layer of foam underneath your feet, this work boot insole helps alleviate tension and pressure on your tired, aching feet. 

While this insole isn’t necessarily made to beef up the support in the arches, it is made to contour to your foot to ensure maximum padding and protection leading to better weight displacement, improved shock absorption, and less stress on the feet, legs, back, and joints!

Find Your New Insoles!

You work hard, but your feet work even harder! Don’t let your work boots become a prison where you trap your feet for 8+ hours a day, add an insole, and alleviate foot pain and pressure that has become a standard part of long days on the job. Adding an insole to your work boot will be the best decision you’ve made since you bought that pair of work boots from Boot World in the first place! At Boot World, we know how to take care of our customers because we help our customers take care of their feet! 

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