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Aug 30, 2021 /

Burleigh’s Quality Sheepskin Footwear: A Boot World Exclusive

There’s a primal comfort in Burleigh sheepskin footwear that few other shoes can match. Maybe it’s the luxurious silken feel of the shearling under your toes as you shuffle across the cold floor in the morning. Or maybe it’s the warm embrace of suede leather on a chilly evening stroll.

But what truly makes sheepskin footwear great is that it’s so versatile—you can dress it up or down and the styles work for all ages and genders. These are the shoes you dream about wearing while you’re wearing other shoes. The key is to find a sheepskin footwear brand that’s high-quality enough to live up to daily wear—because you will want to wear them every day.

And did you know that real sheepskin boots get even better with time? We’re talking about 100% natural sheepskin, not an acrylic or “fleece” blend that some manufacturers try to pass off as sheepskin. Genuine sheepskin footwear breathes and regulates temperature, shapes to your foot, delivering more comfort as you wear them - and even conditions your skin with the natural Lanolin from the sheepskin!

The good news is that Boot World is the exclusive distributor of Burleigh sheepskin boots and slippers in the United States!

What Makes a Burleigh Boot Special?

Burleigh may not be a household name, but it’s the real deal—emphasis on both real and deal.

Burleigh sheepskin boots and slippers are made with the highest quality materials, featuring genuine soft suede leather uppers and cozy sheepskin linings.

The outsoles are made of special rubber material that delivers comfort no matter where you step, meaning Burleigh footwear can handle the great outdoors as well as a day of lounging at home.

The value of the Burleigh brand is hard to beat. These are simply premium products, made expressly for Boot World.

Burleigh Sheepskin Footwear Perfects the Classics

Burleigh lets the amazing comfort, quality, and designs of its footwear do the talking - all focused on your feet’s enjoyment. The company is committed to elevating classic sheepskin footwear styles, and they do it well.

For those days when just stuffing your foot into a shoe is too much, the Burleigh Scuff Slide Sheepskin Slipper (in chestnut and grey) will help you get through the day. With a toe-to-heel plush cushioned foot bed, you can go from the attic to the basement in a light, comfortable, and practical slipper.

When you’re ready to get out and tackle the world but want your feet to stay nestled in soft sheepskin, the Burleigh Moc Toe Lace Suede Slipper offers a touch of rugged style without sacrificing comfort. It wears great with jeans for weekend chores around the house.

But where the Burleigh brand’s commitment to value truly shines is in the Burleigh Short Sheepskin Boot (available in black and chestnut). This fully-lined 8” boot is the perfect height for year-round comfort and style, at a price that makes it an easy buy in every color.

Burleigh Delivers the Sheepskin Goods

Burleigh does more than invest in making the highest quality footwear possible. The company’s sheepskin experts have created a product to protect your favorite pair of Burleigh boots or slippers so they can conquer everything life throws at them.

With the Burleigh Water Repellent, you can protect every surface on your suede and sheepskin boots with a simple spray. This environmentally friendly spray will keep your boots, shoes, or slippers looking like new, no matter the conditions.

Fair warning: You might just be so confident in your Burleighs that you’ll have to be reminded to take them off before showering.

Where to Buy Burleigh Quality Sheepskin Footwear

The Burleigh brand is part of our commitment to providing excellent quality, style, and value to our customers every day. Burleigh sheepskin footwear products are found exclusively at your local Boot World store and online. Try them out, we think you’ll be thrilled with their quality and value!

Reviewed By:
Ed Stone

Ed Stone brings over 45 years of footwear knowledge and passion to his role as President of Boot World, a family-owned company and an industry leader in safety and occupational footwear. A second generation "shoe dog” Ed's footwear knowledge is unparalleled, serving as an informal advisor for some of the worlds largest footwear brands including Wolverine, Timberland PRO, and Reebok Works.

A lifelong Southern California resident, and ardent conservationist, Ed enjoys hiking and open water swimming.