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Jun 25, 2021 / Safety Toe Footwear, Slip Resistant Footwear

Do Doc Martens Run Big or Small?

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than shoes that don’t fit right. Shoes that are too small can squish your toes and give you blisters, while shoes that are too big constantly feel at risk of slipping off your feet.

But it’s difficult to identify the right fit when a size eight from one brand translates to a size ten in another. In this article, we’ll review the different styles of Dr Martens and highlight whether they run big or small. After, you should know exactly what size to purchase.

How Do Doc Martens Fit?

One tricky facet of Doc Martens is that they only come in whole sizes. This means if your foot naturally falls in a half size, you’ll have to round up or down.

Deciding whether to size up, size down, or stay at the same size is going to depend on which style of shoe you choose.

Classic Boots

The Classic 1460 Greasy Boots are the shoes that made Doc Marten what it is today. With their lace front openings and leather that molds to the shape of your foot, they’re made tough enough to withstand outdoor labor but stylish enough for a night on the town.

These classic Dr Martens boots tend to run a bit small for their size, so when making a purchase, it’s safest to size up. Additionally, thick socks can help fill the empty space.

Corner Stitch

The Sussex Boots are an example of Doc Martens’ corner stitch category. They’ve got a classy aesthetic that makes them perfect for the office and you can pair them with your everyday wear to sharpen your edge.

Corner stitch boots typically fit true to size, so if you normally wear a whole size, you should stick with what your usual order. If you normally wear a half-size, it’s smart to size up, as it’s always easier to adjust for a bigger shoe.

Cement Sole

Cement sole work boots—like Dr. Martens’ Amwell Boot—are designed specifically for people who work on their feet or need some extra support from their shoes. Their control footbed provides all-day comfort and their slip-resistant soles are designed to help you feel steady on your feet.

Boots with this construction also fit true to size, so just like with Sussex Boots, your best bet is to order your usual size. If they’re a bit squeezed, consider ordering a half-size up and using thick socks to enforce the fit. Lastly, if the socks don’t work, an additional insole might be the trick that fixes the problem.

How to Measure Your Shoe Size From Home

One way to ensure you’re ordering the right size leather boots is by measuring your foot from home and comparing it against Doc Martens’ sizes. When measuring your foot, the length listed for different shoe sizes isn’t how long your foot should be, but how long the insole of the shoe is.

This means that when you’re taking your measurements, you’re going to want to wear the kind of socks you typically pair with Doc Martens. This will simulate how your foot would actually fit within the shoe.

The best way to measure your foot at home is with a Brannock device. Once you have this number, compare it to Doc Martens’ range of sizes. If your shoe is just at (or slightly above) a certain size, it’s always best to size up. While sizing down might produce a “snugger” fit, sizing up will likely be more comfortable.

Find Your Perfect Fit at Boot World

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You can purchase your boots in our stores or online. When you order online, all orders over $99 are eligible for free shipping. Now that you know how small Doc Martens run, your buying decision should be well informed. Additionally, if you have any more questions regarding Doc Martens like, “Are Doc Martens Non Slip?”, “Are Doc Martens Waterproof?”, or “How to Clean Doc Martens”, our blog has you covered!

To that end, we hope there’s a pair of Doc Martens that fits you as well as you fit them!


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