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How Do Keen Boots Fit

Thanks to their comfortable and durable shoes, Keen is a popular footwear brand for men, women, and children whether you're looking for an athletic shoe, hiking boot, or waterproof work boot.

Amongst the brand’s wide range of styles, Keen Utility shoes are a favorite of many tradespeople. This safety-focused product line includes boots, shoes, slip-ons, and beyond. Of course, when it comes to work shoes, fit and sizing are incredibly important to ensure optimal comfort and protection.

So, how do Keen boots fit?

In this guide, we’ll cover Keen footwear sizing and tell you about some of the most popular Keen Utility boots available.

Keen Shoe Sizing

Keen footwear features a wider toe box than other shoes. The extra space for toes helps Keen shoes to fit more securely and comfortably. To account for this difference, Keen recommends that shoppers start by going up 1/2 size from their standard shoe size to find their proper Keen shoe sizing.

Alongside this guidance, Keen provides a sizing chart that includes each shoe size along with:

  • UK, EU, and CM conversions
  • The corresponding heel-to-toe length in centimeters

Before you click “order” on your regular shoe size, take the time to measure your foot and your other well-fitting shoes to make sure you pick a size of Keen shoes that will keep your feet safe and comfy.

Finding the Right Width

While numeric sizes are based solely on foot length, the majority of the Best Keen work boots for men are also available in wide foot widths. The women’s work boots and shoes have more limited wide options.

However, there’s an easy solution.

  • A men’s size will actually fit the same as a women’s wide if the women’s wide option is unavailable.
  • Women’s Keen shoe sizing starts to overlap with men’s at a women’s size 8.5, which is comparable to a men’s size 7.
  • Consult a size chart and your foot length to find the right men’s size.
Purchasing Tips

Whether you shop for your Keen boots online or in-store, there are some standard best practices to find a pair that fit perfectly.

Keen Shoe Sizing Tips In-Store

Keen has eleven specific recommendations for making your Keen boot purchase in person.

  1. Prepare for your purchase by bringing in the socks and the removable insole that you’ll wear with your future boots (if applicable). In addition, take along (or wear!) an old pair of broken-in boots. The salespeople can tell a lot about how you walk based on the wear-and-tear of your old boots.
  2. Shop in the afternoon or evening because your feet expand over the course of the day.
  3. Trust your local salesperson to fit your boot and help you choose the best option.
  4. Know that shoe sizing isn’t fixed because different styles and brands can vary significantly.
  5. Try on multiple boots, including different styles and models, so that you can get a feel for what you like.
  6. Hold out for the pair of boots that fits perfectly.
  7. Check for heel lift or slip by walking with your foot at different angles to ensure your boots are secure.
  8. Pick the right boot for the job by looking at styles designed specifically for your profession or duties.
  9. Confirm the return policy so you can test out your boots at home.
Keen Shoe Sizing Tips Online

Although online shopping is incredibly convenient and simple, not being able to try the shoes on can create an additional barrier to the perfect fit. In particular, many shoppers are unaware of how much their foot size can change due to factors like time of day, pregnancy, and injury.

That’s why Keen has five additional recommendations if you’re shopping online for a pair of their boots.

  1. Measure your foot to ensure the size of the boots you order actually corresponds to the length of your foot.
  2. Measure both feet to account for any size discrepancies between them.
  3. Don’t forget to measure the width of your feet.
  4. Read the reviews to see how the shoes fit other people who usually wear your shoe size.
  5. Order multiple sizes if you’re not sure and return the shoes you don’t use.
Popular Keen Utility Boots

Keen Utility boots are organized by toe type, including:

  • Non-metallic toe
  • Aluminum toe
  • Steel toe

Popular Keen Utility boot options include:

  • Keen Utility San Jose 6” – This lightweight boot features an aluminum toe, wedge-style, water-resistant leather upper, and white sole—all of which combine to create a modern, cool look. This safety boot has a wide asymmetrical L and R toe box designed for maximum protection at the worksite and a polyurethane midsole designed for comfort and durability.
  • Keen Utility Oxford – This high-quality and ultra-slip-resistant shoe offers simple style and all-day support. Made of water-resistant leather, the Utility Oxford is strong and durable but still lightweight enough to support you when you’re on your feet all day.
  • KEEN Utility Sparta Aluminium Toe - This light-weight work sneaker is perfect for light industrial work. The comfortable insole and breathable mesh fabric make it ideal for those long days on your feet. It’s aluminium safety toe, EH hazard rating, and non-slip rubber outsole give you ultimate protection with the casual feel of a sneaker.
Find Your Fit at Boot World

Discover the full line of Keen Utility shoes at Boot World. Visit one of our retail locations or shop online and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our 60-day return policy for new, unused merchandise.

Looking for Keen boots for your whole team? One of Boot World’s experts can have your employees fitted for work shoes to ensure they comply with all necessary health and safety guidelines and keep your employees comfortable all day long.

Still looking for more information on Keen shoes, boots, and more? Continue to Boot World’s blogs “Are Keen Boots Good?” and “How Long Do Keen Shoes Last?”

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