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Jul 14, 2021 / Safety Toe Footwear, Slip Resistant Footwear

How Do Timberland Boots Fit?

Timberland offers a wide array of iconic boots made for work and outdoor lifestyles, from general releases to their coveted PRO models. However, as with many other footwear brands, many consumers often wonder how the boots and shoes will fit.

  • Do Timberland boots run big?
  • Do they run small?
  • How do Timberland boots fit, overall, and what size is right for you?

This guide will answer these questions and more so you can find your perfect pair.

Timberland Footwear Fit Guide

All Timberland footwear is designed to conform to US sizing first and foremost. Adult men’s sizes for Timberland footwear range from size 5 to 15, with half-sizes up to 11.5. Average men’s shoe sizes worldwide range from about 9 to 12, so let’s dive deeper into how this range breaks down in terms of US vs other worldwide sizing, per Timberland’s own size and fit guide:

  • Size 9 US is 10.6 inches (27 centimeters), corresponding to 43 EU and 8.5 UK
  • Size 10 US is 11 inches (28 centimeters), corresponding to 44 EU and 9.5 UK
  • Size 11 US is 11.4 inches (29 centimeters), corresponding to 45 EU and 10.5 UK
  • Size 12 US is 11.8 inches (30 centimeters), corresponding to 46 EU and 11.5 UK

Timberland’s boot and shoe sizing is close to the standard but slightly larger, as a standardized US size 9 shoe is typically 10.25 inches (26 centimeters), corresponding to a 42 EU (still 8.5 UK).

Timberland PRO Sizing and Fit

The sizing for Timberland PRO footwear differs slightly from that of their regular, general release lines. Namely, the men’s sizes for PRO models start at 6 and go all the way up to 20, with half-sizes still stopping after 11.5.

Using the same 9-12 (US) range, the sizing breaks down as:

  • Size 9 US is 10.63 inches (27 centimeters), corresponding to 42 EU and 8 UK
  • Size 10 US is 11.02 inches (28 centimeters), corresponding to 43 EU and 9 UK
  • Size 11 US is 11.42 inches (29 centimeters), corresponding to 44 EU and 10 UK
  • Size 12 US is 11.81 inches (30 centimeters), corresponding to 46 EU and 11 UK

As these figures illustrate, the biggest differences between PRO and classic Timberland boot sizing come in conversions to EU and UK sizes, where a hundredth of an inch can make a difference.

PRO Timberland models are still slightly large relative to standard sizes, but close enough that the average consumer should feel comfortable buying their regular size—or a half-size up.

Key Factors Impacting Timberland Shoe Fit

The actual size printed on the label of a shoe is far from the only thing that impacts the way it fits or feels on your foot. This is especially true for boots, and Timberlands are no exception.

To gauge how a given model will fit, it’s important to consider other elements and factors as well, such as the shape of the shoe and its weight. There are also matters of preference to consider. Some work boot wearers prefer a snug fit, whereas others are comfortable with more room.

The only true way to determine whether or not a pair of boots fits properly is to spend time walking, standing, and sitting—working—in them. This will help you determine whether the toe box, midsole, and heel provide a comfortable amount of space for your foot to move around in or constrict motion enough so that you feel your desired level of stability.

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Beyond the Boots: Your Socks and Feet

Two of the biggest factors to consider when thinking about the fit of a Timberland, Timberland PRO, or any other leather boot have little to do with the boots at all: your feet and your socks.

  • Your feet may not be the same exact length and width, making one shoe or boot feel more snug than the other. Furthermore, your feet will not be the same size throughout the course of the day, with pressure from walking and standing making them swell up toward the end of a long day.
  • The socks you wear will dramatically alter how the boots fit on your feet, due to differing thickness and material. If you plan on wearing woolen, thick socks, like those used for hiking, you may need to purchase a half or whole size up in your Timberland or other boots. But if you plan on wearing thinner socks, a more true-to-fit size may suffice.
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