Aug 12, 2020 / Safety Toe Footwear

How to Find the Best Women’s Work Boots for You

Finding the best women’s work boots to meet your needs can be tough, but not nearly as hard as it used to be! Not too long ago, women’s work boot styles were simply men’s boots shrunk down to women’s sizing. In the industry, this is called “shrinking and pinking.”

Thankfully, at Boot World, the shrink and pink method is not how we roll—and for good reason. With women making up nearly 10% of the construction work force and 26% of the solar industry today, there’s a growing demand for well-designed work boots and work shoes for women.

It’s no wonder why many work and safety footwear brands at Boot World have now developed work boots that are specifically designed to meet women’s unique ergonomic needs—competing to be among the best women’s work boots on the market.
In keeping up with our loyal customers, Boot World is proud to offer a great selection of high-performing and exceptionally comfortable ladies work boots and shoes. We even put together this simple guide to help make shopping for the best women’s work boots even easier.

Checking the List on Work Boots for Women
Wos Shoes

Sure, there are some things that stay the same when it comes to safety shoes and work shoes for women versus men. Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re looking for a design that meet the safety standards and the performance needs of the job site and can stand up to your particular working conditions. But things start to change for women when we look at four features: fit, ergonomics, technology, and style. Let’s walk through them quickly.

#1: Shoe Fit
Wos vs Men Foot

Did you know that women’s feet tend to have a higher arch, shorter ankle length, and a smaller instep than men, among other differences? To make properly fitting work boots for women, then, means developing a different shape of boot compared to men’s footwear. Boots that are specially designed for women are made using a different boot “last,” or mold to shape the uppers on, than for their male peers. By adjusting the boot shape to these differences using a women’s last, a women’s work boot offers a better fit for ladies’ feet which means more comfort, better performance and increased value.

Pro Tip: Ask whether the work boots you’re considering were built on a women’s last. The ones sold at Boot World are.

#2: Foot Ergonomics

Of course, good foot ergonomics goes hand-in-hand with proper shoe fit. One of the main ergonomic concerns when searching for the best women’s work boots is width. With the old method of shrinking down men’s boots to women’s sizes, the boot would often still be too wide for women’s feet. This means a loose fit that can cause slippage, accelerated wear and lead to foot-related ergonomic injuries, at worst, and to unnecessary foot fatigue, at best. Proper arch support is another big ergonomic concern for women’s work footwear. Building shoes on a women’s last can resolve both of these concerns, but extensive testing of footwear on women is also key.

Wos vs Men shoes

Pro tip: When shopping for work boots, try them on wearing the same type of socks you wear to work. Walk around for several minutes and check for slippage (a sign of loose fit) which can affect performance, wear and foot discomfort/fatigue (a sign of poor arch support or fit).
Check out our guide on how shoes should fit for more tips.

#3: Special Technology

Many of the work boots for women that Boot World carries use softer leathers that are specially chosen to provide added comfort for women’s feet, which tend to be narrower with less soft tissue volume than men. Some of the best women’s work boots also use different insoles and cushioning than men’s footwear: these materials are sometimes less dense and offer superior shock absorption for women.

Pro tip: When in doubt, ask how a brand’s work boots for women differ from their boots for men. A knowledgeable product specialist can tell you the differences in the technology used in women’s work footwear.

#4: Shoe Style

Okay, this one is pretty self-explanatory. It’s nice to find ladies work boots that not only fit well and are comfortable, but look good too. We aren’t saying you need pink women’s work boots, but they don’t have to be hideous either—am I right?! The good news is that Boot World has a great selection of work shoes and boots for women that are both well-designed and stylish—which means you actually have a choice in your work footwear!

Pro tip: our wide selection of ladies work boots to find a design that fits your unique style and meets your safety needs.

Setting the Bar High for the Best Women’s Work Boots

If you’re anything like our team here at Boot World, we believe that everyone deserves perfect-fitting shoes that function optimally for their needs. That’s why we’ve set the bar high when it comes to work boots and work shoes for women. We sell women’s styles for all fields of work that are carefully selected with fit, ergonomics, and style in mind—offering you some of the best women’s work boots regardless of your job conditions. Here are a few of our favorite work boots for women this season:

CAT Footwear Kenzie Steel Toe

CAT Footwear Kenzie Steel Toe:
A popular light-duty women’s safety boot that delivers casual style without compromising on comfort. $149.98

Dr. Marten’s Women’s Maple Steel Toe>

Dr. Marten’s Women’s Maple Steel Toe:
A classic silhouette with side zipper for easy on/off, it’s designed specifically for women in the workplace. $149.98

Wolverine I-90 EPX CarbonMAX Safety Toe Waterproof Boot

Wolverine I-90 EPX CarbonMAX Women's Safety Boot:
A durable, comfortable, and flexible women’s safety boot with temperature resistance for extreme conditions. $164.98

Are you ready to find the right ladies work boots for you? Come into any of our locations to start shopping, or drop us a line with product questions. Our trained product specialists are always available to help you with proper fit to find the best women’s work boots for your specific needs.