Aug 30, 2021 / Sheepskin Footwear

Set Yourself Apart with Boot World’s Exclusive UGGs

There are UGGs, and then there are Exclusive UGGs. These UGG styles aren’t available just anywhere, they’re exclusive to Boot World and just a few other retailers.

While UGG boots are popular and instantly recognizable, it’s only when you wear a pair that you fully appreciate what sets them apart from the rest. So, what is the big fuss over UGGs, and are all UGGs created equal?

The Original UGG Dream Lives On

UGG was founded in 1978 by Brian Smith, then a young Australian surfer with a love for sheepskin, well-made products, and a laidback lifestyle. Decades later, the company is now much more than a simple collection of sheepskin boots. Their footwear ranges from classic to lounge to fashion. The essence of quality, relaxed casual style, and superior comfort is embodied in all of their shoes—no matter how many updates they get.

Take the UGG Classic Short II in Brindle, for example, one of our Exclusive UGG boots. Somewhere between grey and sand with a touch of chocolate, the brindle Classic Short is a distinct design in a striking hue. With all of your favorite features, including genuine sheepskin material and a Treadlite sole, as well as upgrades like stain and water resistance, UGG has expertly modernized the Classic Short boot. This Exclusive UGG maintains the founder’s original vision for the brand while giving you a unique boost of style.

If you’re an UGG fan, you’re likely a laidback type of person. What better way to pay homage to the brand’s surfer roots than with a color reminiscent of a pristine sand beach? The UGG Classic Short II in Fawn is a perfect blend of the original sand color and the most popular—chestnut—for a beautiful, rich hue.

Versatile, Durable, and Good for Your Feet

Isn’t it the worst when your cutest pair of shoes is uncomfortable and poorly supports your feet? The UGG Bailey Button II in Port, another of our Exclusive UGGs, solves this problem—and then some. This lightweight sheepskin boot is packed full of features to maintain foot health. Available in a deep port color, it features iconic satin bows for an original, stylish look. Health, comfort, and style: what more could you want?

Where Can I Find Exclusive UGGs?

As an official UGG retailer, Boot World stocks the Exclusive UGGs featured here, and many more. These UGG boots are unique to Boot World and available in rarely-seen colors: the unicorns of UGG, if you will. To kick your style up a notch in an UGG that no one else will be wearing, grab a pair of Exclusive UGGs for yourself and a friend.

Come in and shop our Exclusive UGGs at any of our stores or online.