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Aug 29, 2021 / Sheepskin Footwear

The UGG Slipper Debate: Coquette vs. Scuffette

UGG makes some of the best and most comfortable shoes, for women and men. And while you might associate UGGs with warm boots, they offer a number of models for all different occasions. Two of their most impressive products? The UGG Scuffette and UGG Coquette women’s slippers.

Two awesome shoes. Yeah, we said it. If we could go all Oprah (you get this slipper; you get this slipper; everybody gets this slipper!) about it, we would. But in the meantime, we’ll give them the spotlight they deserve.  They’re some of our most popular products for a reason, after all!

Read on to learn all about UGG Scuffette vs. Coquette slippers: similarities and differences between the two, and which pair is right for you.

Superior Quality, Comfort, and Style

While UGG footwear is best known for its iconic sheepskin boot, the brand has evolved over the years. It began in 1978 as a humble surf boot brought to SoCal by Founder Brian Smith. Now, it’s a high-end brand offering quality shoes and slippers across numerous lines. With signature sheepskin and wool in every single piece of expertly crafted footwear, UGG represents a relaxed, fashion-forward mindset. Their products are the perfect shoes for maximum comfort and prime style, so why bother with anything else?

Boasting a wide range of collections all offering undeniable quality and recognizable style, there really is an UGG for everyone.

UGG Scuffette: Luxury Redefined

Designed for maximum comfort, the UGG Scuffette II Women’s Slipper is an absolute must-have for every woman. Why?

Cute Upper. Available in chestnut, fawn, or sand, the upper is made from genuine, cozy suede leather and features 17mm of exposed, inviting sheepskin. Details include the UGG logo and overlock stitch seam for a classic look.

Luxurious Insole and Lining. This slip-on features a lining of plush, natural wool that wicks away moisture and helps keep your feet dry, while the UGGpure™ insole shapes to the foot, ensuring the next-level comfort and warmth that only UGGs can provide.

Lightweight Outsole. The slim yet durable rubber and cork outsole feels weightless, making the Scuffette II extremely easy to wear. Plus, the Scuffette has a layer of suede added to the top making it more durable than the Coquette and better for narrow feet. It includes non-slip traction at the bottom of the slipper too, ensuring you sty safe and in style. 

Comfortable and stylish Uggs. Shop now!

UGG Coquette: Comfort on the Move

The UGG Coquette offers a very similar form factor to the Scuffette, with a  slightly bulkier build more suited to longer treks outdoors.

Sheepskin all around. This slipper features an all-sheepskin insole and upper, as well as all collars, linings, and molds. What does that mean for you, the lucky wearer? Incredible comfort, all day. Comfy slippers aren’t just a product for your home, they can take you anywhere.

An Outsole Meant to Last. The biggest distinctive feature of this slipper is the patented Treadlite by UGG™ outsole, which optimizes the durability and traction of the slipper. Using the same technology from UGG’s world-renowned boots, these outsoles keep you comfortable on any terrain.

Incredible colors. This amazing slipper comes in classic UGG colorways, like Chestnut and Gray. But it also comes in exciting, custom colors like Terracotta and the unique Sparkle Graffitti Black.

Fashion Anywhere You Go With UGG Slippers

Many women’s slippers are dainty and delicate, made to be worn indoors only. We think that the perfect slipper should be versatile and durable enough for outdoor wear too. That’s where both UGG Women’s Slipper models shine.

The rubber sole of the Scuffette allows for light outdoor wear, and the closed front and open-back design keeps your feet and toes nice and cozy but not too warm.

For longer or more intense sessions outside, the Coquette makes the comfort and style of the Scuffette all the more durable. The more rugged outsole will keep you looking great and feeling great no matter where you go.

A must-have shoe is a multi-purpose accessory that can go with almost anything. Either cute UGG slipper is the perfect pairing with your favorite casual outfit, from jeans to cords to leggings and comfort wear. Add layers in the colder seasons for a cool winter look. Pair the various colors of your Coquettes to your outfit, or contrast them for a unique look that’s all you.

Whether at home or outside, your UGG slipper is your key to comfort and style.

Which UGG Slippers Are Right For You?

It depends on what you’re looking for in your comfortable shoes. Do you want a shoe with full capabilities for your outdoor adventures or a slipper that assures maximum comfiness? 

For lazy days inside or light walks in the neighborhood, go with the Scuffette. It’s slightly lighter, and its slimmer outsoles are perfect for any surface inside or just outside your home. They’re so comfy, you might even forget you have them on! We’re sure guilty of wearing our Scuffettes to bed—you will be, too.

If an errand run could turn into a whole day out, consider the Coquette. The outsole on the Coquette will put all your other boots and shoes to shame. Its patented technology is built to last for years, and there are very few places you can’t walk in your Coquettes. Make everywhere feel like home.

With either shoe, you’ll be in total comfort no matter where you are.

UGG Women's Slippers Are Waiting For You

Delivering superior comfort and versatility in a cozy sheepskin slipper, the UGG Scuffette and Coquette are both truly luxurious options for your feet. They offer more than your average women’s slippers, whether you’re wearing them to lounge around at home or out on a grocery run. You and your feet deserve to be pampered. And UGG knows how to do just that.

Now, the only question is: ugg slippers coquette vs. scuffette?

No matter which you choose, to help your UGG footwear last even longer, apply the Burleigh Water Repellent for extra protection. Invest in your first pair of UGG footwear and get your money's worth today! 

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Ed Stone

Ed Stone brings over 45 years of footwear knowledge and passion to his role as President of Boot World, a family-owned company and an industry leader in safety and occupational footwear. A second generation "shoe dog” Ed's footwear knowledge is unparalleled, serving as an informal advisor for some of the worlds largest footwear brands including Wolverine, Timberland PRO, and Reebok Works.

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