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Boot World Corporate Footwear Program

Boot World proudly presents our occupational and safety footwear purchase
program for organizations to offer their employees. Yes, it’s completely free!

    • Prioritize Safety

    • Reduce Workers Comp Claims

    • Increase Productivity

    • Simplify Processes

What’s The Catch?

There’s no catch, it’s really that simple! Purchases are processed online with vouchers, stipends, payroll deductions, out-of-pocket payments, A/R applied. You name the billing terms for your account. We provide the onboarding, support, and maintenance. Your employees get the necessary products to keep them safe and comfortable. It’s a win-win-win for you, your staff, and us—your trusted partner.

Why Choose Boot World As Your Partner?

For one, we’re experts in safety and occupational shoes and boots. We provide product education and guidance online and in person to ensure your employees make an informed purchase. Plus, our trained staff can come to you on-site through our free mobile footwear store, offering customized assistance with shoe selection and fit. Our wide selection of styles and name brands means that your employees are more likely to find exactly what they want, increasing employee participation and satisfaction. Current participating organizations love the program because we manage it so well that it requires minimal time investment on their part. Now who wouldn’t want that?

How Does It Work?

This program lets you as an organization provide the benefit of footwear purchasing to employees. As a participating employer, you’ll get your own Account Manager to oversee the program, and we’ll customize to your specifications (billing terms, vouchers/payroll deductions, return policy—you name it). Whether you already have an existing internal program or this is a new endeavor, we’ll help get things up and running smoothly. We take care of initial onboarding, consulting, setup, and ongoing support.

We offer various payment methods and customizable billing terms. Eligible employees are able to purchase name-brand, industry-compliant footwear to a set of specified safety needs without paying the full purchase price out-of-pocket. Employees can use a voucher/stipend, payroll deduction, out-of-pocket payment (credit card, cash), A/R with terms, or any combination thereof to cover the purchase price, based on your specifications. Customizable billing is available.

Even More Benefits Of Our Corporate Footwear Program:

  • We’ve been running it since 1975, meaning it’s a well-oiled machine. (Yep, we added the online part after the Internet was invented).

  • We can service employees on-site through our mobile truck, online through our website, or at any of our brick and mortar stores (or any combination).

  • Employers find that this program helps reduce employee injuries, resulting in less workers compensation claims and an increase in productivity. It also increases employee participation, decreases liability and improves employee morale.

  • Amazing customer service for end users and company.

  • Free mobile unit service, with mobile trucks carrying over 2,000 pairs of shoes.

  • Professionally trained staff with the knowledge to improve ergonomics, performance, and use through proper fitting, shoe selection, and possible orthotics recommendations.

  • Broad footwear selection spanning Safety Toe, Static Dissipative, Puncture Resistant, Slip Resistant, Metatarsal Protection, Temperature Control, Electrical Hazard Protection.

  • All safety footwear meets or exceeds current ASTM standards.

  • Flexible hours to service all your needs.

  • Simplified return process.

For more information, please contact us at
[email protected] or 1.888.502.4600 x127.

mobile footwear store

The Boot World Mobile Footwear Store is a complimentary service available to any organization wishing to give its employees access to our wide selection of safety and occupational footwear on site. We will come to you to properly and efficiently fit your employees at your business and at your convenience. Our mobile trucks are stocked with over 2,000 pairs of brand-name footwear. We ensure that your employees spend minimal time away from work and walk away with the correct footwear for their particular job.

For organizations participating in our Corporate Footwear Program, the mobile store is an added benefit. The mobile service is streamlined through our online purchasing system, working seamlessly in conjunction with your corporate account.

How It Works
  • We set up inside or outside with carpet, chairs, and canopies depending on the designated space. The space is arranged in a store layout, enabling us to fit your employees properly.

  • Our trained footwear specialists provide customer education to improve ergonomics, performance, and use through proper fitting, shoe selection, and possible orthotics recommendations.

  • Purchases are processed via the desired payment method(s), including voucher/stipend, payroll deduction, A/R, out-of-pocket (credit card or cash), or any combination thereof.

  • Employees walk away with their purchase in hand. All of our trucks are stocked with the best selection of merchandise appropriate to your organization.

  • We offer corporate discounts for any organizations participating in the Corporate Footwear Program. We service nearly anywhere in the southwest region, including California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah.

For more information or to arrange mobile service for your organization, please contact our Corporate
Footwear Program at [email protected] or 1.888.502.4600 x127.

Contact Us For More Information

in-store service

Members of our Corporate Footwear Program have the option of their employees being serviced, in-person, at any of our nine Boot World retail stores. Boot World’s second to none In-Store Service begins by confirming your employees’ job footwear specifications, performing a detailed and accurate foot measurement using the tried and true Brannock measurement device, discussing any orthotic issues that your employee may be experiencing, then selecting the best footwear for your employees’ needs.

We GUARANTEE that your employee will leave our stores with the right boots or shoes for their job!

When serviced in-person at our retail stores, your employees will have full access to our entire line of boots, shoes, and insoles. Additionally, with our direct one on one service, we’re there to listen to and address any footwear problems or concerns that your employee may have. Your employee will return to work happier, healthier, and ready to tackle anything that comes their way.

b2b warranty

The following policies apply to orders placed under a
corporate account:
  • Free returns on defective or non-fitting shoes

  • 30-day comfort guarantee (FREE shipping)

  • 90-day warranty on defects (FREE shipping)

  • More than 90 days since purchase, please contact us

  • 1-year warranty on unworn footwear ($5 return fee)

GSA Sales

  • General Services Administration Contract Summary: Contract No. GS-07F-101GA

    Federal Supply Schedule: 084 Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response

    Special Item Number 633-25: Footwear: Boots, Insulated, Waterproof, Extreme Cold Weather

    GSA Approved Footwear

  • Contractor: Boot World Inc.
    Address: 7270 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 1.888.502.4600 x127


    Email: [email protected]

    Contract Administrator: Doug Boyle

    Business Size: Small

    Contract Period: April 11, 2022 - April 10, 2027