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Slippery floors are some of the most prevalent and dangerous hazards at any job site. And they’re not just at job sites: slipping is a risk you face in many indoor and outdoor settings. Slipping leads to falling, which can in turn lead to bodily injury for you and those around you, as well as property damage to nearby surroundings and anything you’re carrying. Not only is slippage a worker’s worry, it should also concern the company as a whole because an on-the-job injury as a result of a slip could lead to litigation.

Having the proper protective equipment, like slip-resistant shoes, is extremely important if your job site puts you at risk of falling on a slick surface. That’s why we offer slip-resistant footwear: to protect you and those around you. We offer a large collection of slip-resistant shoes and boots in a variety of brands:

Who Men’s Slip-Resistant Footwear Was Made For

These slip-resistant boots and shoes were made specifically for any man who’s likely to find himself exposed to a slippery floor surface at work. In reality, that means every single one. But in practice, some things that might make you more likely to need slip resistance and traction are:

  • Surfaces: If you’re regularly in contact with non-carpeted flooring, such as wooden or tile floors, you’re likely to encounter a slippery surface from time to time.

  • Environment: Regular exposure to rain or other sources of water or liquid make slippery surfaces more likely, especially for those who work at outdoor jobs on or near the water. However, slip resistant shoes are also essential for those who work in kitchens, maintenance, fabrication, machine operation, and service since you never know when a spill could knock you off your feet.

  • Occupational hazards: Some sites are prone to spills and other sources of slipperiness because of the nature of work performed for the clients (think mechanics or machinists and oil spills).

Even if you are not frequently exposed to these conditions, slip-resistant footwear was made for you and your tread.

What to Look for in a Slip-Resistant Shoe

Our slip-resistant shoes for men come in a wide variety of different styles (like oxford work shoes, slip-on work shoes, and more), and many of our work shoe brands offer multiple slip-resistant options that provide maximum comfort, like a padded collar, to provide additional ankle support. That said, what work shoe option is right for you?

As you shop, consider these factors to find the perfect slip resistant boot or shoe for your needs:

  • Type of sole

  • Other safety features: electrical hazard, Electrostatic Dissipative, boot/shoe or a composite or other type of safety toes

  • Style (shape, material, colors): leather or waterproof material

  • Price point

  • Type of floor working surface

  • Level of slip protection and traction

  • Durability

  • Upper design

Whatever slip-resistant shoe you’re looking for, like men's restaurant shoes or slip-resistant work boots, we’ve got it here at Boot World. We have a variety of men’s soft toe work boots with slip-resistant features ranging from work boots with a composite toe to more casual styles like a Skechers athletic style shoe. All offering the benefits of slip resistance. If you’re looking for an easy slip-resistant shoe to jump into, check out our women’s and men’s slip-on work boots.

Why Boot World

Boot World is your first and best option for slip-resistant shoes for women and men, online and off. But that’s not all: we’re the industry leader in all kinds of outdoor, lifestyle, and work-related footwear, from slippers and sandals to sneakers and boots. We offer hundreds of options for men, women, and children. And we carry all the best brands—from Timberland to Reebok to Work Zone—at prices affordable for any budget. Don’t feel like you need to break the bank for a pair of slip-resistant shoes. As an industry leader, we give you the best options and affordable prices.

Take advantage of our fast, easy shipping, and step into your new favorite shoes today!

DISCLAIMER: No shoe can protect you from injury in all situations. All slip-resistant shoes are used in environments where hazards exist beyond the scope of protection a safety shoe can offer. SLIP-RESISTANT SHOES ARE NOT “Slip Proof” but are designed to lower the amount of risk of slippage.

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