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UGG Sheepskin Replacement Insoles for Men


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Boot World’s UGG Footwear

Since 1978, the UGG brand has been synonymous with comfort and the laid-back California lifestyle. Created by a young Australian, the first UGG boots were made of sheepskin for a cozy look and feel. Now, UGG’s wide variety of boots, slippers, loafers, and sandals impart comfort to fashion footwear for all seasons.

Both men and women's styles feature ultra-soft materials including sheepskin, wool, and fur. All animal products are sourced with animal welfare in mind: UGG works with sheep farmers in the U. S., Ireland, the UK, and Spain to reduce waste and uphold humane treatment. These strict standards are upheld for the leather and suede from cows, as well. The UGG brand prides itself on sourcing high-quality, ethical materials.

Move beyond basic browns in UGG's new pastel and multi-color designs. Experiment with different styles, or stick to the tried-and-true Classic Short boot. Whether you're looking for a pair of warm winter boots, the perfect around-the-house suede slipper, or a fashion statement shoe for going out in style, UGG has a snug shoe for you.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

UGG shoes come in whole sizes, and they generally fit true to size, however for Classics, we do tend to recommend buying a full size smaller. UGGs are known for their unparalleled comfort, but it can still take time to break in your shoes. Try out our tips:

  • When you first buy your UGGs, they may feel tight. Natural materials like sheepskin, leather, and wool will stretch and compact a bit to conform to your feet over time. However, they should still be comfortable right out of the box. If your UGG shoes or slippers are tight or pinchy, try the product in the next size up.

  • To speed up the breaking-in process, try wearing your shoes around the house for a day or two before you take them out on the town.

Soon, you’ll be ankle-deep in comfort and style.

Care and Maintenance

While most UGG boots and shoes are lightly water-resistant, for best results, treat your shoes with water repellant or Burleigh spray for additional protection before wearing them. Then, clean your UGGs regularly, and deep clean once a year (or as needed).

This will keep the item looking fresh and stain-free for years to come.

Why Boot World

Whether you’re looking for boots to wear at work, on a hike, or just around the house, Boot World has the perfect shoe for you. We stock a wide variety of styles from the most trusted names in the footwear industry including UGG and Koolabarr by UGG. When you shop with Boot World, quality is our guaranteed offer.

Take advantage of our fast online shipping, and step into a world of comfort.

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