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When you’re on the go, the last thing you want to worry about is foot protection. Yet your feet are the foundation for everything—put simply, they get you from point A to point B. That’s why it’s so essential that you find a shoe that excels at its job and provides protection from common workplace hazards and accidents involving fallen objects, cuts, slips, and falls. No one wants to find themselves in the position of learning that their work boot isn't the quality they thought it was or is missing a key safety aspect necessary for their job.

What Makes Women’s Safety Shoes Safe?

ASTM standards may require that employees in your workplace wear protective shoes, or you may need safety shoes for your outdoor adventures. For optimal protection, look for ASTM-compliant safety shoes with the following features:

  1. Resistance to impact and compression (this usually means a work shoe that includes a safety feature like an aluminum, composite, or steel toe)

  2. Resistance to shocks and provides electrical hazard protection

  3. Heat-resistant

Although these are the basic requirements for most working shoes, you should also be on the lookout for boots that feature slip resistance features so that you can work in wet environments with ease.

At the same time, you don’t need to sacrifice fit or style in your safety shoe. After all, the right shoe can help you show up at work feeling comfortable and confident from head to toe. Boot World stocks a variety of women’s safety toe shoes so you can stay true to your individual style while on the job.

The Right Safety Shoe For You

We know that everyone is different and that applies especially to a person's foot. Since every foot has its own unique characteristics (high or low arches, narrow or wide feet, and more) Boot World is committed to finding the perfect safety boots to make working on your feet a breeze! Our offerings are built “from the ground up” for women - not just a men’s shoe in a smaller size. The women’s safety shoes we proudly sell are made to fit women’s feet and the components are chosen to be a part of a complete women's shoe.

You can find the safety shoe that’s right for you thanks to our variety of categories to choose from:

Why Choose Boot World For Your Feet

Boot World stocks a wide variety of women’s safety boots and women's non-slip restaurant shoes that are fit for the workplace and for any other activity that demands extra foot protection. When you shop with Boot World, you don’t need to sacrifice form for function. Our selection of pull on shoes, lace-ups, boots, and oxford styles ensures that you can find the work shoe that fits your unique lifestyle and personality while keeping you safe. Shop the most trusted names in footwear at Boot World, where quality is guaranteed.

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